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In mid-October 2018 I’m taking part in the fundraising event ‘Sleep Out 2018’ organised by the Society of St James. The SSJ do some fantastic work to help meet the immediate needs of the homeless in Southampton as well as help them to build the skills and mindset they need to get back on their feet.

The causes of homelessness are varied. It could be the result of work redundancy, family breakdown, debt, addiction or family breakdown. The needs of the homeless are complex, but the SSJ is highly experienced and effective in doing what can be done to give them a good chance at having a stable life again.

We have all come across homelessness at one point or another, and in Southampton there are many people living on the streets who struggle to find a route out of drug dependency, debt or long-term unemployment. If we were found living on the streets, we’d long for and expect a helping hand.

That’s why my team is supporting the SSJ – to help them meet the urgent need in Southampton and help some of our homeless neighbours up onto their feet.

We’d really appreciate a small donation to the SSJ if you can spare it! Thank you 

Click here to sponsor Tom’s fundraiser for the SSJ

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