Local election success in Peartree

I wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who voted for you Cllr Alex Houghton in our recent local elections. As you will no doubt know, Alex has been an extremely hard-working Councillor and since 2015 has been a passionate campaigner for local residents in Peartree. I am hugely grateful to you all for electing him back to the Council for another term.

More broadly in Southampton, your local Conservatives won seats from Labour in Bitterne and Millbrook despite a difficult national backdrop. However, we are still in opposition and Labour continue control the Council agenda.

This means that we are still burdened by a leadership team which is failing to fund the things which people care about the most, such as fixing our roads, sorting out bins and tackling fly-tipping, keeping our streets and public spaces clean, and answering the phones.

Meanwhile, our council tax is going up year on year and local residents are asking why!

The reality is that Southampton Labour cannot spend your money wisely. They have wasted millions of pounds of public money on needless sick days from Council employees, attempting to close the Kentish Road Respite Centre and piling money into their failed LATCo without seeing it through.

We think things can be done better. Your money can go further. Your taxes can be lower. Your city can be brighter, more prosperous and more optimistic.

But only if the Conservatives can win the support of the city.

We’ll be fighting hard to show residents right across the city that we desperately need a change of leadership in Southampton.

If you feel able to, please support us on that journey.

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