Labour’s price hike for the Itchen Bridge

Southampton Labour have announced plans to increase the cost if the Itchen Bridge toll by 40%. They will be launching a consultation on 24 October, so please do contribute if this is something you feel strongly about.

Personally, I am deeply concerned by this measure. It would likely have the effect of causing more traffic to be diverted along Bitterne Road West and over the Northam Bridge. Those who already use this route know it’s a heavily used route already and sending more cars through this densely populated area could send yet more toxic fumes into the air. The rate of traffic along Bitterne Road West would increase causing worsened congestion leading to longer delays and more dirty fumes as cars sit idling.

Traffic across the river already suffers from long delays, particularly during rush hour, and we should be finding ways to make the city centre more accessible to Peartree residents rather than the other way around.

This will also impact the finances of residents in Peartree leaving less money in your own pocket at the end of the working week. Labour think they can spend your money better than you can. I think they are wasting millions of pounds of your money already and shouldn’t be asking for more of it.

As your representative, I am here to seek the interests of the people of Peartree, and I will be fighting to maintain the current price of the Itchen Bridge toll.

As always, please drop me an email if you have any specific comments or concerns on this.

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