How to report a problem

If something went wrong in the community you’re part of, or if you needed to get in touch with the Council, would you know where to go?

Things break all the time and if it’s the Council’s responsibility to fix it, then the council needs to know. It could be reporting a broken street light or a series of new potholes. Whatever you spot, just let the council know to make sure it’s on our radar. It’s easy to complain about a problem that the Council hasn’t fixed, but all too often they don’t know about it because those who live in the affected area haven’t told them.

The homepage of the Southampton City Council is a great place to start if you need to report a problem from missed litter bins to road issues.

Here are a few common pages which you may find useful when reporting issues:

By getting in touch with the Council they can be made aware of the issues you report and can send the right person to assess it and make sure the necessary steps are taken to fix the problem.

Often, problems which are raised simply cannot be fixed in the way you may want it. The resources of the Council are of course limited and often there are more pressing priorities. But you reporting what you see can begin the process towards improving the situation and can ensure that finding solutions to each problem can be prioritised more effectively.

If you believe that you have tried all of the available routes of enquiry through the Council’s website, that’s where you get in touch with myself or one of your other Councillors. We’ll be able to find out what is happening and see if we can help to assist you in resolving the situation.

Even as your Councillor, I don’t always have the ability to resolve situations as you might expect, but we will represent you and the things you care about based on the resources available to me.

I am privileged to be one of your Councillors in Peartree and am therefore really keen to make sure I meet my responsibilities to you. So if you have anything you would like me to help with, please do get in touch with me.

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